Moffat Toffee 200 km


In which I finally earn some points.  Second last to finish.

Overnight in Galashiels in the van; not the only one.  Wet start, briefly met Trikin’ Dave but unfortunately he DNF’d so I didn’t have a longer chat.

Moffat Toffee route sheet

Met the same group of three a few times, they were faster but kept taking wrong turns.  They had reached levels of manic laughter which was entertainingly.  Also a couple of others who seemed to be going at a similar pace.  Weather improved throughout the day, by the time I was heading back towards Galashiels it was getting chilly.  As I finally drove home later over the same road it was only a few degrees.

Moffat Toffee hills Moffat Toffee Moffat Toffee queen mary's loch

Controls at Eskdalemuir Community Cafe (excellent) and one in Moffat – probably the first time in familiar surroundings!

Moffat Toffee route Moffat Toffee brevet card

207 km, 12 hours 5 minutes