Towering Trees 150k


After the destruction that was my first imperial century I came back for more. ¬†I’ve never liked the idea of gels and sports drinks, the concept of constant sugar consumption seems the antithesis of everything one is supposed to do, especially for the more comfortably upholstered cyclist. And the cynic in me views them as a way to make a huge mark-up on sugar. However I have recently been reading about endurance sports nutrition (not something I ever thought I’d say) and decided to give them a go. I have to say it made a massive difference to this ride. Normally I really struggle in the later stages, but I felt so much better and the prospect of doing a 200 km seems a possibility. Of course I was still overjoyed to see the final control, but it was nice not to be totally destroyed. Although my knees were sore on this occasion, which is a new one. ¬†Another great ride thanks to organiser Geoff Cleaver, from the Pretty Pigs pub in Tamworth which is very train accessible (and they let us use the bogs at the start even though the pub isn’t open then).

Rambler's Retreat in Dimmingsdale, Staffordshire Map of Towering Trees audax

101 miles, 9 hrs 17