Out of practice: 50 hilly kms in the Yorkshire Dales



It’s been too long since I last cycled properly and it is like starting again. Perhaps this was a slightly stupid choice for a first ride…lots of walking up hills required.

Starting from Garsdale Station I took the road over to Dent Station – and did not enjoy the steep descent into Cowgill.  The hills of the Lakes were visible from the top.

Train leaving Garsdale station Steep road at Garsdale Head Hills from Garsdale Head, Lake District just visible

Visited Dent to fill up my water bottle from the outside tap at the toilets.

Bike on the cobbles in Dent

Then turned off up Deepdale, along a gated road.  Happier to be walking up than riding down the steep sections.

Waterfall in Deepdale Gated road, Deepdale Looking back down the hill, Deepdale

I couldn’t really enjoy the descent of Kingsdale to Ingleton as the road had been recently resurfaced and the surface still loose, as well as being narrow and twisting.  Had to walk down a small section.

Kingsdale Ingleton

Then Clapham and Austwick, to meet the B6479 down to Settle.  I thought staying on the main road would be flatter than sticking to NCN68, but it was very lumpy.

Settle signal box Settle station

53 km, 995 m climbed (and yet downhill overall), 3 hrs 55 mins, average 13.7 km/hr.

Garsdale - Settle cycle route