York Cycle Rally 2023

24 – 26/06/23

My first visit to the York Cycle Rally. I loved it. All different shapes and sizes of bikes and people, more variety than I imagined (on both fronts – especially gender-non-conforming people). Got to meet some excellent yacf folk.

Leeds to Tadcaster is ok, and then there is a cycle lane alongside an unpleasant A road towards York. And then it just stops. So you are deposited on a dual carriageway whether you like it or not. And then I missed the turn off I should have taken so got a bit of extra joy.

Had a good look around nosing at all the different cycles.

I was especially looking forward to seeing the ICE stand, and was treated to test rides on THREE trikes: A VTX (so laid back you have to sort of fall into the seat), a SPRINT X, and an e-ADVENTURE (first time on an e-bike). Time to start buying lottery tickets, or take up bank robbery.

I think a tandem trike on top of a Mini sums up the weekend pretty well.