Bike fit

Before LEL I saw lots of folk singing the praises of having a bike fit, and wondered if I should have done that but figured (a) it was a bit late by then, (b) £, and (c) it sounds like it might be bollocks. Well LEL left me with Achillies pain (after a couple of weeks they were ok) and nerve damage in my hands (which took about 6 months to recover from). I’ve also never been quite comfortable with my saddle, feeling like it is the least worst that I’ve tried. So I decided I would have a bike fit before doing any more silly distances. This sort of co-incideded with my birthday, so I was able to put the parental cheque to a specific use.  Of course as soon as I started looking all I could see were comments about bike fitting as being a waste of time.  I’m sure there’s a word for that – seeing what you either want, or don’t want, to see, and not seeing the rest.  Anyway if you think it’s bollocks and/or has been a waste of time, maybe you are lucky enough to be a shape that’s close to the ideal that bike manufacturers adhere to, or you are very experienced and know exactly what you need.  I’m neither of those things.

After consultation with a local fellow LELer I booked myself in for a basic fit with Stephen Jarmuz at Yorkshire Bike Fitting. Stephen is very friendly and put me at ease straight away.  He is interested in the type of riding that YOU are doing and wants to help you be comfortable doing that.  He was entirely non-judgemental about my bike and myself.

My bike is a Hewitt (tourer) and I had a fit as part of buying it. It was my first drop bar bike so when it felt weird I chalked that up to unfamiliarity.  Now I think that the fitting template that is used there was not right for me.  I fitted a shorter stem myself fairly soon after I got the bike, because I felt too stretched out.  Now, after my bike fit, I have an in-line seat post which unstretches me even more.  I also have a new saddle to fit my sit bones and a changed cleat position. So far I’ve done 100 km, and a further 40 km with my new wheels.  It really was like sitting in an old armchair…but one that encouraged me to get out of the saddle and honk up the hills.

Bike after bike fit

(It doesn’t usually come with a spare wheel attached).