Long Mynd


Marvellous weather, clear and sunny, quite a breeze on the hills  A few others on top of Caer Caradoc, some runners going up Hope Bowdler and then a chap on the top who asked if there was anywhere better to be – I agreed not.

The Lawley and The Wrekin from Caer Caradoc Hill Church Stretton from Caer Caradoc

Down to the road and then up Hazler Hill and along to Ragleth.  Steep descent into Little Stretton, where I had an orange juice in the pub (I wanted to use the lav) and popped into a little shop – the village seemed a bit ‘local’.

Caer Caradoc, Hope Bowdler and Hazler Hill from Ragleth Hill Hills to the east of Church Stretton

Up via Cross Dyke to the road across the Long Mynd; exchanged a few words with a woman who seemed to be a kindred spirit.  Beautiful valleys with wild camping potential.   On to the summit of Pole Bank where there seemed to be some wheelchair accessible paths – great opportunity for everyone to experience the hills.  From the toposcope I could identify the distant hills I had been able to see all day – the Malverns, Clee Hills, bits of the Brecon Beacons and, on the edge of visibility, where the clouds and the peaks become indistinguishable, Snowdonia.

Trig point on Pole Bank Toposcope on Pole Bank

I think I took a different path than that intended but found my way down Carding Mill Valley.  It suddenly got much busier and I eventually reached a National Trust car park and cafe.  Back into Church Stretton for an outside beer (first of the year) and lots of tense rugby fans.

Carding Mill Valley, Church Stretton Carding Mill Valley, Church Stretton Map of Shropshire hills walk

 14 miles

Caer Caradoc Hill; Marilyn, 459 m

Hope Bowdler Hill; HuMP, 426 m

Ragleth Hill; HuMP, 398 m

Long Mynd; Dewey, Marilyn, 516 m