day 11

Friday 28th June 2013

After yesterday's exertions today was a bit easier, certainly the first half was fairly level along the river Spey. I started to see tiny churches from here northwards, most had an occasional service listed.

DSC_6436_small.jpg DSC_6447_small.jpg

Ruthven Barracks near Kingussie, and Insh Church; service at 6 pm on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Had a short stop at Feshiebridge in some light rain. I think my Duke of Edinburgh expedition may have finished around here, but none of it seemed familiar.

DSC_6451_small.jpg DSC_6452_small.jpg


I stuck to the on-road section of route 7 here which avoids Aviemore, so the next stop was at Boat of Garten. I visited the rather upmarket hotel here by mistake, by which I mean I don't think sweaty cyclists are their usual demographic, but it was very quiet so there was no one for me to offend. They did a very nice (and not expensive) coffee, although if I was being fussy I would say that their shortbread was too sweet. Then I had a nose around the train station, where I watched the steam engine filling up with coal and then saw the train heading off along the Strathspey Railway.

DSC_6476_small.jpg DSC_6487_small.jpg

Ye Olde Bicycles, complete with tartan saddle cover.

Near Carrbridge I met four guys and a support van (I think they had stopped for a wee) doing a fast end to end - 120 miles a day. One of them confessed that he was trying two pairs of cycling shorts that day. They were very friendly and their driver asked if I needed anything. After this the wind put in an appearance, which didn't help the journey over Slochd summit, although there was a bit of sun.


Under the A9. There was a dead sheep on the railway line but I have used some artistic license (and photoshop) to remove it.

There was a nice fast wide road down to Tomatin, but the wind and rain were cold and stung my bare arms. I stopped (as did the rain) at a little shop opposite this church. The photos from today look far more sunny than I remember. Really, it was quite damp.



The rain made a final attempt on the way past Moy. It stopped just as I arrived at the campsite. It was a really nice place with a great kitchen/washing up room with a selection of books and camping magazines. I got there fairly early which was good as it was the first day of the school summer holidays and there were a few families making a quick getaway, so it was busier than I had been used to. According to my diary I went to bed at about 8 pm with earplugs.

DSC_6507_small.jpg DSC_6508_small.jpg

I can't pretend to know anything about the history of this road, but there certainly seem to have been a lot of Mackintoshes involved, which is rather appropriate.

47 miles - View route - Download .gpx